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What is CROX program ?

CROX is a simple tool created in LISP language to work with your CAD software allowing you to create dynamic diagram by block insertion.


How does it work ?

Frist, Once the installation is completed, you will see in AutoCAD a new ribbon menu called CROX.

If you are using another CAD software, you may need to load the program simply with the _APPLOAD command

And browse to c:\users\Public\Software\DuctiSoft\CROX\CROX.vlx, note this file extension can be different depending of the CAD software used.

CROX comes with few blocks symbol helping you to understand the concept, but you can use your own block symbols library.








This command allows you to configure your blocks location path for each steps of CROX.

You can create many standards for different styles or categories.



There is four (4) steps that CROX is using.




These blocks are inserted dynamically when you change direction during process.

CROX recognize blocks angle of same filename.



If you are changing direction at 30 degree…  CROX will insert a block called C_30.dwg from the specified Angle folder.


So while moving…CROX will search for next block following the angle you are…



And look after the C_45.dwg file.




If the required block is not found,…then, CROX will use the first one found in the block folder.

(press TAB to switch blocks)




This folder contain blocks inserted when crossing another CROX line.

(press TAB to switch blocks)




This folder contain blocks of end finishing lines.

(press TAB to switch blocks)




This folder contain blocks of straight line conduit.

Note that to switch conduit style you have to press the “C” key during the process.



Name your style and save it !

All standard style can be found at:  C:\Users\Public\DuctiSoft\CROX\Standards

Who can also be edited with NotePad.



How can I change conduit size during process ?

Actually CROX wasn’t created to draw double line conduit. However, This option can be added in the future release.



More information on VIDEO HERE !!



In fact, the more you play with CROX, the more you will like it.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions and/or comments.




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