Awards of Excellence will be granted according to the following criteria :

It is easy to have an idea, but to make it innovative and unique is a key success factor.

Product design and general presentation
One must not underestimate the importance of design and presentation. For a product to attract attention, it has to make a great first impression.

When considering the huge amount of different standards in the drawing industry, a tool that is easily customizable is a valuable asset.

A tool can be very complex, while being very easy to use.

User-friendliness and easy installation
One must keep in mind that not everyone is an IT expert. A user-friendly tool has more chance to be successful.

Overall design
A score will be attributed to the overall design.

Tools will be rigorously tested by DuctiSoft inc.

Consequently, we will not be responsible for the installation and merchandising of the submitted product.

Submit your product:
DuctiSoft Inc. is proud to introduce its new Award of Excellence for designers of CAD tools. Indeed, DuctiSoft will offer developers the opportunity to receive an Award of Excellence for their products that are compatible with CAD software.

These Awards of Excellence will help software designers gain notoriety around the world and to acknowledge the quality of their work. Recipients will be allowed to display the
Award of Excellence logo in their documentation, Web site and banners and thus be recognized for their accomplishments.

The figure 10 shown in these logos is only an example and represents the score given for the toolís overall design.

Developed tools that are submitted must comply with
DuctiSoft inc. requirements.